API continuously looks for opportunities to engage our many airline partners and their crew members while also identifying and executing mutually beneficial interactions. MyCrewCare is our crew-facing mobile app that crew members access on their phones to view recent and upcoming layovers with real-time changes to their planned itineraries taking place within the core API ACES system.


Many of our airline partners advised us that it is not uncommon for crew members to prefer staying with family and friends at certain destination cities rather than at a scheduled hotel. This presented a problem in accounting for crew members during layovers as well as unnecessary costs due to unoccupied hotel rooms.

Our CancelMYRoom feature allows crew members to look through upcoming layover reservations and cancel any unnecessary stays. The feature allows for greater accuracy in the safe accounting for crew members as well as the possible reuse of rooms at contract rates for other unanticipated crew member stays. Significant savings in room costs are realized when these frequent types of cancellations take place within a property’s agreed window. As a result, some airline clients now even incentivize crew members to use CancelMYRoom within cancellation guidelines due to the savings realized on accommodation costs.

API’s technology can do this for you too. Our software products offer incredible flexibility for crew members while providing them with a comfortable and timely layover experience.

API is the World Leader in Crew Accommodations

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