Woman at Work Station with Headset24/7/365 Global Operations Centers

Utilizing our proprietary ACES technology, we reserve hotel accommodations and ground transportation services to over 41,000 crew members globally. We handle approximately 6,000 day of operations changes (over 2 million annually),  irregular operations, distressed passengers, missed ground transportation, and other unforeseen last minute circumstances everyday.

Our Operations Team are experts on your business, regardless of destinations. Our 24/7/365 Operations Centers in New York, Sao Paulo and Manila are all staffed with API team members, never outsourced, to accommodate your last minute requests with urgency.


  • Our team transacts Dynamic identification of all changes within the schedule
  • Online check-in at hotels
  • Online no-show identification
  • Real-time mobile notifications
  • Mobile app access to “Cancel my Room” functionality
  • Employing 589 full-time representatives, our operations centers handle 85 network airlines, three rail partners, cruise lines and other industries.
  • We process more than 2 million transactions each year and answer over 250K phone calls.
  • A focus on exceptional customer service with a 99.99% execution rating.


API’s planning team is comprised of highly experienced professionals from the Airline industry who have extensive experience as crew schedulers, planners and many have worked for several different Crew Management Systems…


Using the best technology and our highly experienced team, we get right down to business sourcing & contracting with the best hotels for your crew & workforce…


The ACES Accounting component provides an automated electronic workflow for invoices for hotel and transportation providers…