Rail Worker Reading Plans

We understand that your Rail company has dynamic requirements when it comes to managing your workforce.

Our advanced technology and service solution will take your Maintenance of Way (MOW) and Train & Engine (T&E) workforce accommodation processes to the next level.

  • Manage T&E production gang lodging availability
  • Track rest hours and pool availability based on your operation
  • Pre-plan MOW production projects
  • Full transparency for room occupation
  • Manage production hours through predicted travel times
  • Proper positioning of contracted hotels maximizes production hours
  • Hours of Rest (HOR) tracking based on railroad work rules, CRA and FRA compliance
  • Reconcile and consolidate all invoices using our eINVOICING platform
  • Analytics reporting, including multi-pay code reporting

This solution has the ability to provide the transparency you rely on to understand where your crew members are and when they show up at their designated hotel. Need last-minute rooms? Our technology and services are capable of securing the high-volume accommodations critical to your workforce. 

API is here for you, worldwide, 24/7/365.