API gets your crew to their scheduled destinations — happy, safely, and on-time.

For over 35 years, API has been the worldwide leader in crew accommodations solutions. With our proprietary technology, unique software solutions, and our highly experienced team we make sure over 20,000 crew members from more than 85 airlines rest comfortably every night.

Not only do we work with Airlines, but we are experienced with DPAX, Rail, Cruise and Sports operations as well, understanding the different requirements for each specific vertical.

We have unique technology platforms such as ACES, MyCrewCare, eINVOICING , JetRFP, Insight +, and Hotel Express all of which help to enhance the crew layover experience.

Expert sourcing, contracting and negotiating power as well as automated invoicing, reconciliation and billing solutions makes API the only true technology solution for crew accommodations.