Individual Analyzing Data on TabletThe ACES Accounting component provides an automated electronic workflow producing invoices for hotel and transportation providers.

The ACES system automatically creates monthly accruals that include both planned (scheduled) and actual (day of operations) services used. Suppliers submit their invoices to API electronically using the ACES supplier website. These invoices are reviewed by our auditors using an electronic reconciliation wizard which compares the accrual amounts adjacent to the supplier submitted amounts before presentation to the airline. Validated invoices and amounts are submitted to the airline for approval. An on-line consolidated invoice provides the airline with a summary of all individual invoices.


  • E-invoicing
  • Tax exempt automation
  • Invoice audit capability
  • Monthly accrual reports
  • Consolidated hotel invoices
  • Payment to hotels
  • Cost center & GL Reporting
  • Integration with your ERP system

Features of the ACES accounting component include:

  • Fully integrated consolidated invoices with complete cost center and general ledger accounting.
  • Sophisticated tax exemption algorithms ensure maximum savings from tax recovery.
  • ACES supports Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Compliance by providing traceability of travel expenses to the trip (pairing) level.


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