When it comes to a passenger disruption, our team understands the incredible importance of a rapid and excellent response to ensure a positive customer experience and protect the airline’s reputation. We offer a state of the art disrupt management platform that leverages an array of booking channels to provide rooms in real-time directly to disrupt passengers. This system, paired with our 24/7/365 Operations Team and our mobile platform, creates a truly connected passenger experience.

API’s Disrupted Passenger Solution offers the following:

  • Improved Passenger Experience: Increases brand value and customer loyalty
  • Efficient Booking Process: Airline agents can book single or bulk reservations based on PNR data
  • Flexible Solution: Our Disrupted Passenger solution is customizable to fit your operation’s unique needs
  • Instant Confirmation: Real-time hotel confirmation, which provides your customers with the necessary confidence in their hotel booking


Our Solution provides end-to-end management of disrupted passengers’ hotel accommodations and ground transportation. In terms of technology, API’s solution includes the following:

  • Integration: We will integrate with your reservation system, departure control system, and/or disruption management system to provide a bidirectional flow of information (Receiving key information to accommodate passengers, and communicate results back with reservation detail)
  • Multiple Hotel Booking Channels: Allows API to instantly leverage all hotel options in the market to quickly provide the passengers with cost-effective rooms
  • Mobile-Enabled Self-Serve App: Based on business rules defined by the airline, passengers have the ability to book their accommodations through their own mobile devices, giving them full control of the booking process as well as an immediate hotel confirmation
  • Electronic Hotel and Ground Transportation Vouchers: Simplifying the process of providing passengers with their vouchers, saving time and resources
  • Virtual Card Payment Process: Providing hotels and ground transportation companies with a virtual credit card to help mitigate fraud and simplify the invoicing process
  • Data Analytics: Gives your airline full visibility into their disrupted passenger operation key metrics, including a breakdown of spend by airport, disruption codes, and flights.