API offers a state of the art disrupt management platform that leverages an array of booking channels to provide rooms in real-time directly to disrupt passengers. This system, paired with our 24/7/365 Operations Team and our mobile platform, creates a truly connected passenger experience.

When it comes to a passenger disruption, we know a rapid and excellent response is essential to ensure a positive customer experience and foster continued loyalty in your Airline’s brand. API is here to help because we care about your customers’ journey.

API’s DPAX Solution offers Airlines:

  • Improved Passenger Experience
  • Efficient Booking Process for Bulk or Single Reservations 
  • Flexible and Customizable Solution for Your Operation
  • Real-Time, Instant Hotel Confirmation 


Our customizable DPAX Solution is capable of delivering end-to-end management of disrupted passengers’ hotel accommodations and ground transportation thanks to API’s groundbreaking technology and service.

  • Integration: API will integrate with your reservation system, departure control system, and/or disruption management system
  • Multiple Hotel Booking Channels: API can instantly leverage all hotel options in the market in real-time to provide passengers with cost-effective rooms
  • Mobile-Enabled Self-Serve App: Passengers can book their accommodations through their own mobile devices
  • Electronic Hotel and Ground Transportation Vouchers: Save time and resources by providing passengers with their vouchers electronically
  • Virtual Card Payment Process: Providing hotels and ground transportation companies with a virtual credit card
  • Data Analytics: Gives your airline full visibility into their disrupted passenger operation key metrics