Airline Crew

The airline is our client. Your crew member is our customer!!

Our laser focus is to create the most predictable and uneventful layover experience for our customer, your crewmember.

Our proprietary crew management platform ACES, coupled with a culture built upon decades of world class support creates a layover experience that your crew will rave about.

At the same time we never lose sight of how expensive this process can be. We are committed to providing the best possible experience, all while doing so in the most economical way for you! Our team of account managers and destination sourcing professionals represent the airline’s financial interests and ensure your crew are staying at the best possible accommodation for a cost that you control and approve.

For 40 years, API has been the pioneer in crew accommodation management. Visit all of our services here


API is fully aware of how important it is to handle your passengers quickly and effectively during an irregular operation scenario. We have a robust technology and service solution to create a connected passenger experience and help you protect your Airline’s brand value. Click below to learn more.

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