Airline Crew

We understand how complex and taxing it is to efficiently manage an Airline’s operations. In order to survive in their extremely competitive field, Airlines need to navigate strict deadlines and maintain a nearly perfect track record, all while constrained by razor thin margins. API’s value proposition is to support you with one of the most important aspects of your operation: your crew.

We utilize our proprietary technology, our highly-experienced team of service professionals, and our end-to-end solution to transform the management of your crew travel. Aside from the unparalleled savings we unlock for your Airline, we alleviate your operational burden, which enables you to focus on your core competencies.

Since our humble beginnings 35 years ago, investing in our people and technology has enabled us to grow tremendously. The following metrics demonstrate this:

  • 85 Airlines Globally
  • 27,000 Crew Members Accommodated Daily
  • 45 Airline CMS System Integrations
  • 10 Million Rooms Reserved Annually
  • 23 Locations Worldwide
  • 24/7/365 Operation Centers Around the Globe
    • New York
    • Hong Kong
    • São Paolo

We pioneered crew accommodation management and we continue to innovate to meet your ever-changing crew accommodation needs.


  • Airline Flight Crew Planning
  • Irregular Operations (IROPS)
  • Market Research
    • Destination Analysis
    • Conformity to Airline Requirements & Union Rules
  • Hotel & Ground Transportation Sourcing
  • Property Site-Inspections
  • Negotiations & Contract Execution
  • Ongoing Account Management
  • Integration with Airline CMS Systems
  • Electronic RFP Processing – JetRFP
  • Mobile platform – MyCrewCare
  • Electronic Hotel Billing & Reconciliation
  • CHAT
  • Business Analytics


In addition to accommodating your crew, API is fully aware of how important it is to handle your passengers quickly and effectively during an IROP scenario, as the Airline’s brand value is on the line. We have a robust technology and service solution to create a connected passenger experience. Click below to learn more.

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