API’s eInvoicing platform is a flexible billing and reconciliation platform, eliminating unnecessary expenses due to error or lack of efficiency. eInvoicing ensures that airlines are paying the exact amounts they owe to supplier, and even has multiple audits to ensure compliance.

Key features of eInvoicing include:

  • Full transparency into all expense down to the trip level
  • Flexible management tools & automatic workflows
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Integration to ERP for PO & invoices
  • User-friendly single platform

eInvoicing technology eliminates the need for paper invoices and supporting documentation because it digitizes the Account Payable process. There is no longer a need for data entry and therefore improved efficiency and cost reduction. Clients now have more visibility of spending which supports cash flow management.

Tax Exemption Automation and Optimization 

The eInvoicing platform automatically creates monthly accruals that include both planned (scheduled) and actual (day of operations) services used. Sophisticated tax exemption algorithms ensure maximum savings from tax exemption based on local laws and regulations. The system determines if additional rooms are to be purchased from the planning stage so clients can optimize their tax exemption.

Tax Recovery and Facilitation

The eInvoicing platform automatically streamlines Tax Mapping of supplier invoices. Tax data can be sent directly to Airline’s ERP system to facilitate payment to hotels and to ease recovery of VAT. VAT Recovery reports are available within the platform.

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