Getting your crews to and from their scheduled stays is not an easy task. With airports located in multiple cities and different countries, these logistics present a serious challenge to any airline.

API’s mobile technology, MyCrewCare, has been designed with your crews in mind. The MyGT feature within MyCrewCare provides your crews with peace of mind and a more efficient layover experience. It is the ultimate Ground Transportation Tracking App that will change the way your crew travels!

Core Functions of MyGT:

  • Crews have full visibility into their Driver Location and ETA (similar to Uber® and Lyft®).
  • Crew members can Alert the Driver – “I’m here!” with the simple touch of their smartphone screen.
  • All access reporting – Data is readily available to both the airline and each crew member.

MyGT provides crewmembers with ground transportation notifications to alert their driver to their exact location. In instances where a driver has encountered a long delay, your crewmember can instantly connect with crew scheduling for API to arrange for a quicker pick-up.

 MyGT also includes:

  • Route & Vehicle Location
  • Estimated Minutes to Pick-Up
  • Driver Name & Contact Phone Number
  • Driver Photo
  • Vehicle Make, Model, Color and License Plate
  • Ability to send notes between crew, supplier and airline

API is the World Leader in Crew Accommodations

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