ACES and API Operation Centers Adapt to Industry Challenges 

When travel restrictions and quarantine requirements were issued by governments around the world, the aviation and hospitality world was sent into turmoil. Flight schedules were seriously disrupted, hotels closures were rampant, and airline crew members were displaced from their typical layover hotels. Our airline partners had to juggle the disorder of their flight operation and the displacement of their crew, all while dealing with significantly reduced revenue and workforce.

API’s ACES technology was able to help with the chaos brought on by COVID. Via our integration to our airline partners’ Crew Management Systems (CMS), we are able to automatically ingest all monthly hotel and transportation schedules for the crew, along with any changes made to these schedules in real-time. Between our Auto Processing functionality and our 24/7/365 Operations Center, we were able to be nimble and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances brought on by COVID. This helped us alleviate the burden placed on our airlines’ crew, which enabled our partners to focus on flight operations, their core competency.

To close the loop on any changes made to crew scheduling, ACES automatically communicated any crew schedule changes to the relevant hotel/transportation suppliers. Additionally, ACES automatically generated and validated consolidated invoices, with all complex general ledger (GL) coding, for our airlines to review. This level of automation empowers adaptability to changing circumstances and visibility to our airline partners and their suppliers. This becomes especially important during turbulent times, such as those brought on by COVID.

Our ACES technology is powered by our team of hotel and aviation veterans. During this outbreak, our team’s ability to adapt was crucial to continuing to serve our clients and ensure the safety of the crew.

API is the World Leader in Crew Accommodations

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