One of the areas that API have been very active in over the past couple of months, as the industry continues to remain unstable under the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic, has been in identifying opportunities for airlines to realize savings and efficiencies in the costs of crew accommodation across their global networks. With little or no active flying taking place across the globe between April and June 2020, and cash flow as a consequence reduced to a trickle for most airlines across the world, airlines have been identifying opportunities for savings for when their operations restart. API have been actively working with them and their partner hotels to achieve this result. Hotels for the most part have been very keen to work in partnership with airlines to look at savings where achievable in order to smooth the reopening of routes and maintain long-standing commercial relationships.

As well as working with existing airline partners on this initiative, API have also been offering the service to potential new airline partners with many expressing an interest and working with our team in identifying savings opportunities. This includes airlines in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It also includes airlines in the cargo sphere where API already have an in-depth knowledge of the particular requirements of this market. The massive global sourcing campaign has provided us with excellent  market intelligence on where saving opportunities exists.

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