Maid Sanitizing Hotel RoomThe goals of API have not changed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Providing crews with the best and most efficient layover experience will continue to be our top priority moving forward. We have more than 35 years of first-hand experience in hotel accommodations, and we understand the importance of cleanliness, especially at this critical time.

We have been in close contact with our hotel partners and based on recent observations from airline crews our reports show minimal complaints over the past few weeks. API partners prioritize the health and safety of all their hotel guests, and each property has implemented extensive sanitization measures. Overall feedback from crew members is positive and is especially strong in areas such as room cleanliness, touchless check-in procedures, packaged food options, and continuous hotel disinfecting regimens.

There are several items we consider when evaluating the level of cleanliness:

  • Our hotel partners provide us with procedures on any new cleanliness initiatives, preventative maintenance, and protocols for managing potential COVID-19 exposure situations.
  • Due to difficulties in API personnel traveling to hotels to perform site inspections, we have been relying on information provided by our mobile client feedback platform – MyCrewCare – which allows crew members to provide us with real-time updates on cleanliness and other important touchpoints that occur during layovers.
  • We have a strong and detailed follow-up process between our staff and hotel partners. Most all items are extensively documented through photography, videos, and personal crew comments received through MyCrewCare.

API ensures our clients that we are committed to providing exemplary service, working hand- in- hand with our hotel partners to maintain our high safety standards.