API and Boeing’s Jeppesen Digital Solutions to Further Automate the Crew Accommodations Process

MELVILLE, N.Y. USA –  Accommodations Plus International (API) has established a strategic alliance with Boeing to provide a critical integration between API’s ACES platform and the Jeppesen Crew Tracking (JCT) system. The bi-directional interface automates airlines’ crew accommodation process and enables more efficient disruption recovery.

As crew plans change and accommodation requirements fluctuate accordingly, real-time updates are communicated between ACES and JCT. All hotel and transport reservations are managed within ACES and updated directly in the JCT system. Crew members are notified of changes and accurate reservation details are available at a glance.

“The collaboration between all parties was exceptional,” says Johan Kollind, director, Boeing Crew & Network Operations. “We are pleased to see the value and efficiency gains that airlines have recognized and look forward to implementing this with many customers, as part of our standard Jeppesen Crew Tracking offering to the market.”

The integration between ACES and JCT delivers significant benefits to airlines where time-sensitive, critical decisions must be executed and downline impacts managed efficiently. The automation reduces the burden of manual work, minimizes the risk of human error, accelerates last-minute crew bookings and reduces direct costs by only paying for the accommodations needed.

“The integration of our platforms allows API and Boeing’s Jeppesen solutions to deliver a unique experience to our joint customers that further automates their layover experience,” says Rich McLeer, API’s Chief Executive Officer. “This creates a better experience for their crew as well as efficiency and savings for the airlines. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and the joint effort by all.”

Integration throughout the crew management process is growing increasingly more vital for efficient airline operations. API and Boeing look forward to continued collaboration to enable airline customers’ success and enhance operational efficiency.

About Accommodations Plus International

Accommodations Plus International is the leading provider of crew accommodations and logistic services to the airline industry and other commercial travel clients. API offers an innovative and powerful combination of crew accommodation services delivered through a state-of-the-art technology platform, unique software solutions, and a highly experienced team of service professionals. Additional information is available at www.apiglobalsolutions.com.