API’s core mission is to take excellent care of your crew while driving savings and efficiencies for your airline. One of the most frustrating experiences for a crew member is not having all the relevant information for their layover. In particular, communication about, and coordination of, ground transportation can avoid inconvenience, frustration and delays for your crew. API’s MyGT is part of its MyCrewCare app and can give your crew members all the information they need to stay connected and informed regarding their driver’s location and timing.

Key Concepts : 

  • API delivers the most enjoyable layover experience for your crew. Keep them informed, safe and in control
  • Enhanced tracking shows GT’s location, and route being taken, on an interactive map.
  • Crew members can also see estimated arrival times
  • Allows crew to communicate with their driver
  • Your crew will love you!

API’s technology will drive savings for you while providing  an amazing layover experience for your crew.

API is the World Leader in Crew Accommodations

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