It is not just about calling hotels and negotiating terms once a year. You need a strategy, driven by data and analytics that tells you where and when to focus your efforts in order to maximize savings and optimize the layover experience for your crew. But don’t stop there – you should be able to have all that data at your fingertips!


API’s business analytics platform, Insight+ coupled with our on-demand automated sourcing tool JetRFPTM enables us to maximize your HOTAC savings and provides complete transparency on your data. No more unanticipated results. No more waiting on reports. Everything is at your fingertips. The API platform enables collaboration between you, API and the hotel and produces amazing results. Now is the time to take advantage of the current market!!

  • Online RFP platform with full visibility into past and current activity
  • Automated reporting provides detailed view into all hotel spend and unexpected variations
  • Data-driven decisions on which markets to focus on in order to maximize savings
  • Full transparency provides unmatched collaboration and accountability

Take advantage of our data, technology, and expertise to drive savings and efficiencies for your company.

API is the World Leader in Crew Accommodations

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