The Travel Industry Dictionary defines a hotel site inspection as “a visit to a hotel property or other establishment for the purpose of evaluation.” The hotel site inspection is an imperative step in our Sourcing & Contracting process as this evaluation enables our team to confirm that the hotel is compliant with specific requirements that API airline partners have set for their crew members. The inspection ‘checklist’ that the API team utilizes mainly focuses on crew member rest and safety as any elements that impede on these criteria can have a serious impact on airline operations. We therefore place strong emphasis on physically ensuring that each hotel property is suitable to our airline clientele’s criteria.

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, API recognized that our teams would need to adapt. While it is presently unfeasible for API personnel to fly to various destinations to conduct inspections, we realized that hotel property inspections are more necessary than ever.

API Virtual Hotel Site Inspections enable our inspection teams to continue to ensure that our airline partners select a hotel that is suitable for their crew members’ needs. During the course of these inspections we have found that following a standard protocol creates a successful virtual site inspection.  Some of these protocols include:

  • The hotel having high-speed internet bandwidth with consistent connectivity practices to accommodate virtual inspections.
  • Availability of all stakeholders form each hotel department i.e. housekeeping, security, management in participating in property inspections.
  • Hotel staff’s use of earphones connected to their devices ensuring that questions and comments are heard properly.

API is continually learning and adapting to the needs of our industry, whether it be gradual shifts or the groundbreaking changes that COVID has created.

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